Court of Protection

The Court of Protection

The court of protection exists to look after the best interests of those who lack the mental capacity to make certain decisions for themselves. The court has the power to determine if a person lacks capacity and decide what actions to take including the appointment of lay and professional deputies to act on the individual’s behalf.

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All you need to know about Court of Protection issues

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Court of Protection

Court of Protection

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When will I have to deal with the Court of Protection?

If a family member, loved one or a close friend loses capacity due to an accident, negligence or a degenerative illness - and hasn’t already appointed an attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - you or a professional can be appointed as a Deputy. An application will need to be made to the court of protection.

If you have capacity and wish to appoint a friend or family member as your attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney please contact our team.

The court of protection also presides over complex issues such as the approval of statutory wills, the foundation of infant settlement trusts and the resolution of any and all disputes relating to issues of protection.

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