Career development and learning

At Slater and Gordon we have an L&D team dedicated to our business. The team are on-site to listen to individual learning needs and provide all employees with the opportunities to achieve their potential and progress with their career.

Current opportunities

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Learning & Development is seen as an integral part of the firm’s growth. We recognise the skills that people have and the skills that they need to develop in order to reach their goals.

We support employees to shape their own development through the appraisal process and provide the tools to help them grow with the organisation.

From day one you will be given a comprehensive induction and access to the national training and development opportunities on offer. This programme covers a variety of topics such as soft skills, management development, IT, and technical skills training.

We realise that not everyone likes to learn in the same way so our training program uses a blended approach including 1:1 coaching sessions, E-Learning and traditional classroom training. We are also committed to supporting a variety of other development solutions such as departmental conferences, team building and funding for professional study.

We run courses across our various UK offices each month and are continuously monitoring and updating the learning and development offerings based on what our employees tell us. Through a mixture of internal experts and external providers we have developed a suite of courses tailored for all functions within the organisation.

Training On Offer:

Here are just some of our training programmes:

Client Care

Today’s Solicitors need to be able to sell their services to attract and retain business. Being able to convert initial calls into clients is integral to the organisation’s growth and requires a lot of skill, both technical and soft skills.

Slater and Gordon are investing heavily in training our staff in the approach, processes and procedures we expect to be taken when dealing with those initial calls.

Management Development

In 2012 Slater and Gordon UK launched a national Management Development Programme to train all of our managers in skills such as delegation, people management, motivation, communication skills and coaching.

Train the Trainer

A course which enables Slater and Gordon to have a pool of onsite specialists trained to deliver training that is relevant and informative and based on the real work our employees are doing.

Business Writing & Communication

Writing professionally, accurately and effectively is a vitally important skill; one that might be important for your career progression. This course focuses on how we communicate as individuals and as a business.

Finance Training

At Slater and Gordon we recognise the importance of providing finance training for all employees at every level. From understanding the basics of accounting to budget performance and the financial position of the business, we can provide specific, tailored financial training to suit your individual role within the firm.

And many more…..

With the help of your manager, the appraisal process, and the Learning and Development team the only limits on what you could learn at Slater and Gordon will be down to you.

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